Lines of activity

- Construction of houses for the Vulture technology;
- Capital construction of monolithic buildings, residential and non-residential facilities for technology-MonolitDS.
 - Production Vulture panels;
- Production of permanent formwork (EPS Styrofoam plate with a density of 15 kg / m ³,equipped on both sides of the steel reinforcing mesh of interconnected links that pass through the insulation);

The essence of technology "MonolitDS" - building facilities of reinforced concrete using reinforced permanent formwork. The main advantages of the technology: high strength, high insulation, high sound insulation,high flexibility of architectural and planning solutions at a low cost of construction.
In terms of speed and reliability of construction buildings technology outperforms all currently known construction methods, both traditional and using prefabricated structural elements having the most significant advantages of these systems.
"MonolitDS"- A technology for high-quality, economical and rapid capital construction and building renovation of any type that can reduce the cost of heating and air-conditioning facilities.
Finally, an issue that most important developers, both private and commercial - is the cost. The cost of the building, built on this technologyfrom 280 USD 1 m2 total area. A particular embodiment may count only having the outgoing information.

Also "KomfortDizaynStroy" offers construction market of Ukraine SIP-materials and technology. SIP technology is recognized as the best solution for low-rise construction. In Ukraine, this technology was only recently,but has already gained significant popularity.
- Internal communication (water, sewage, heating wiring) hidden in a wall;
-The use of the whole range of internal and external finishing materials;
- Ability to use a variety of architectural forms;
-High energy-saving and environmental features of housing;
- Building durable, besides it is easy to reconstruct;
- Ideal floor, walls and ceiling for high-end decoration;
-Best value / quality;
- No "cold bridges" in the construction of the building;
- Increased resistance to subsidence of the building;
-Heavy lifting mechanisms are not used in construction;
- Stability of the finished building to weathering;
- Efficiency zabudovuvanoyi area.
- Require a lightweight foundation.
The cost of building a house on Vulture technology from 140 USD by m.kv.obschey area.
My.kontrolyuyemo the entire production cycle, andThis offer our clients a full range of services:
- Production;
- Trimming of your project;
- Delivery to any region of Ukraine
Quality assurance, extended, low prices.



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